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Central Highlands Regional Council

AtOne® HR Solutions are the ultimate professionals!! Their highly experienced and knowledgeable consulting team have enabled us to continuously evolve our employee relations platform and workplace culture, whilst simultaneously fostering growth in our senior management team.


Their expert HR/IR advice and job profiling skills have been invaluable to our business. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with and strive to make our business better. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, AtOne® will help you get there.

Central Highlands Regional Council are a local government responsible for 13 Townships, 60,000 Square kms, 1.1 Billion of Assets, over 600 employees.

Julie-Anne Clark -Senior Consultant 

Central Highlands Regional Council

Intertek Agricultural Division

Intertek is an industry leader with more than 42,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries.

Over the last year I have worked closely with AtOne®’s extremely dependable, knowledgeable and reliable team. They have not only provided the resources and expertise to successfully meet our requests on every occasion, each one of their dedicated team members have gone above and beyond the normal scope to achieve our desired outcomes.


​AtOne® response times are quick & efficient, and what they bring to the table are innovative and exciting HR solutions. I have thoroughly enjoyed all dealings with each one of their strong, wonderful and vibrant team members and would like to personally thank each and every one of them for the countless hours they have spent accommodating our requirements.


AtOne® HR Solutions truly understand what it takes to maintain a successful business relationship with their customers, and I look forward to working with them again on many exciting projects in the future.

Amber Goyak - Global IT Solutions Manager Intertek Agricultural Division.

Australian Mining Industry

I have worked at both an Operational and Executive Health & Safety level across numerous global mining and resources companies within Australia. During this time, I have been exposed to many consulting companies. In my opinion AtOne®’s value proposition lies in the fact that you get a lot for your money. The breadth and depth of HR understanding along with their unique software offering makes them an excellent partner for any mining and resources company.  ​ AtOne® HR Solutions is an exceptional HR management service offering. 

Russell Moon - Senior Executive 

Australian Mining Industry

The Mining Industry is the largest economic contributor to Australia with over $202 Billion GDP & approx. 280,000 employees.

Protecting and advancing the rights of people with disability related justice issues.

Disability Rights
Legal Service

AtOne® listened well to our needs, developed a solution framework and immensely helpful recommendations!

Dominique Saunders - Board Chair

Villamanta Disability Rights 


Nathan Burkett Design

AtOne® has really made such a positive difference for our company and our HR platform. Their consultancy advice is second to none.  We greatly value their enthusiastic and responsive approach. Over the years, they have also introduced us to several HR software solutions that assist our company in the challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis.

Nathan Burkett - Managing Director

Nathan Burkett Design

Nathan Burkett Design is amongst the most prominent Landscape Architects Australia has to offer.

Strawberry Runners

AtOne®'s knowledgeable consulting team have enabled SSR to continue to develop our employee relations platform, workplace culture and foster growth in our senior management team. I would thoroughly recommend incorporating AtOne®'s HR Solutions into any business looking to secure their workforce management platform.

Wally Sweet - Managing Director

Sweets Strawberry Runners

SSR is the primary producer of strawberry runners in the country, with a large complex workforce selling over 30 million plants annually both domestically and abroad.

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